Terms  and  Conditions:

1. Smart Vision is an assistive device for visually impaired people and is not intended to be a replacement for normal vision.
2. Its function is to provide visually impaired people with ability to read, identify objects and known faces using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. It will however not replicate real life experiences.
3. The device works in conjunction with a mobile phone connected using wi-fi and requires good internet connectivity for optimal performance.
4. It also requires good lighting conditions to recognise objects and faces. If the lighting conditions are not proper, the performance of the device may degrade.
5. For good reading experience, the book or object should be held in front of the device in an upfront manner in good lighting condition in order to get a clear view of the text.
6. Care may be exercised in handling the SV device. The device should not be dropped on the floor. It is prone to failure in case it is dropped from a height of more than 50 cms.
7. The device is not water proof and hence care may be exercised to prevent exposure to rain and should not be dropped in water or other liquids.
8. The in-built battery has a capacity of about 3 hours of continuous usage. In case of intended use beyond 3 hours, it is recommended to use a power bank or other charging facility.
9. Any dust accumulation on the camera in front of the device can degrade the performance. It is necessary to clean the device often for better performance and the device should be stored in the case provided when not in use.
10. The device uses a complex technology and hence requires practice in using the device properly in the initial stages. Once a person gets used to the device, then it will be easier to use.
11. The user manual is shipped along with the product. The user manual in text as well as audio form, is also available in our web site. It is necessary that the user goes through the manual thoroughly before starting to use the device. For this purpose help may be taken from a family member or a friend to understand the proper use of the device in the beginning.
12. It is necessary to practice-use the device and understand the features and functionalities before using the device as a navigation assistant.
13. The device is sold solely to assist the visually impaired persons and does not purport to provide the ability of normal vision of a visually healthy person.
14. SHG Technologies Pvt Ltd does not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or any other problem caused due to the use of the SV device.